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You will meet with our physicians who will go over you medical history, do a physician exam, go over and discuss all your relevant tests and come up with a treatment plan that may include further blood and urine tests, ultrasound or other scans. You can ask any questions or  concerns you may have about your kidney health. You will receive a comprehensive treatment plan and education resources as appropriate.

Please bring your ID, insurance cards and all medications you are taking, including over the counter medications, vitamins, and supplements. While we recommend bringing your actual pill bottles, you should at least bring a detailed medication list each visit.

You may go to any lab of your choice. When you check out from your appointment you are given an after visit summary, which is a summary of your visit and you are given lab orders. You need to take the lab orders with you to the lab to get the ordered tests done. Otherwise the lab does not know what tests to perform.
For your convenience there is a Quest diagnostics located in the office building in Flint. All our other office locations are located in a hospital campus and have access to onsite laboratory testing services which you are welcome to use.

By getting your lab tests done is how our physicians can effectively monitor your kidney function and various other levels. Regular blood tests are important aspect of taking care of your long term kidney health and we appreciate your co-operation. If you do not understand any of these tests you should discuss with our physicians when you come for your appointments. Blood tests tell us if your kidney function is stable or increasing or decreasing and this  helps tailor your treatment.

Different medications can affect your kidneys. We need to know what exact medications /dose you are taking in order to reduce the risk of a medication interactions  causing additional damage to your kidneys.

We accept all insurances. For further questions about coverage please contact your insurance company.

Yes we do, please text the key word Kidney to 50601

Please inform the hospital that you are a patient of Kidney & Hypertension Consultants and give them one of your providers name. If you need to be seen by us we will come see you while you are in the hospital. You are also welcome to call our office and let us know that you are in the hospital and we will follow up on your hospital progress and see you back earlier on discharge if appropriate.

If you have questions or concerns after the visit, you can call our office any day during regular working hours and talk to our amazing office support staff. We will convey your queries to your physician who will then get back to you either directly or via a office message as appropriate. You can also send us messages directly through My-chart sign up. Please note that as our physicians may be in the hospital working with sicker patients, it may take 1-2 days to respond to routine queries. For more urgent queries, discuss with the office staff who will guide you.