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Our physicians provide Incenter and Home dialysis Services at the following dialysis facilities

Flint Region

LocationContact Number
Davita Flint Dialysis Center, 2 Hurley Plaza, Flint MI.810-239-9920
Davita Ballenger Pointe, 1075 N Ballenger Hwy, Flint MI.810-232-9004
Davita Hallwood Dialysis Center, 4929 Clio Road, Flint MI.810-787-4496
Davita Burton Dialysis and Home Dialysis, 4015 Davison Road, Burton MI.810-715-1312
Davita Mt Morris Dialysis, 6141 N Saginaw Road, Mt Morris MI.810-787-8134
Davita Flushing Dialysis, 3469 Pierson Place Suite A, Flushing MI.810-733-5004
Davita Davison Dialysis, 1011 S State Road, Davison MI.810-658-8224
Davita Grand Blanc Dialysis, 3625 Genesys Parkway, Grand Blanc MI.810-953-8800
Davita Fenton Dialysis, 17420 Silver Parkway, Fenton MI.810-750-9200
Fresenius Medical Care Flint, 2222 Linden Road, Flint MI.810-733-2283
Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) at West Flint, 4007 Corunna Road, Flint MI.810-877-6582
Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) at Mt Morris, 7220 N Saginaw Road, Mt Morris MI.810-687-6837

Saginaw Region

LocationContact Number
Davita TownCenter Dialysis and Home Dialysis, 323 N Michigan Ave, Saginaw, MI.989-791-3624
Davita Saginaw Dialysis, 311 Hoyt Avenue, Saginaw MI.989-771-5094
Davita Colemare Dialysis – 6302 Dixie Hwy, Bridgeport MI 48722989-777-0712
Fresenius Medical Care Saginaw, 4800 E Mcleod Dr, Saginaw MI.989-790-9440
Davita Mid-Valley PD Home Training – 1205 N Michigan Avenue, Saginaw MI 48602989-771-9381
Fresenius Medical Care Saginaw Riverside, 920 N Niagara Street, Saginaw MI.989-921-2170

Bay City Region

LocationContact Number
Davita Bay City Dialysis, 3170 S Professional drive, Bay City MI.989-671-9401
Fresenius Medical Care at Bay City Essexville – 1536 W Center Road, Essexville MI.989-894-2810

Thumb Area Dialysis Centers

LocationContact Number
Davita Bad axe Dialysis 897 N Van Dyke Road, Bad Axe MI.989-269-7657
Fresenius medical Care Caro, 95 Elmdor Drive, Caro MI.989-673-2055

Midland Region

LocationContact Number
Davita Midland dialysis, 4901 Jefferson Avenue, Midland MI.989-835-3652

West Branch Region

LocationContact Number
Davita West Branch Dialysis, 599 Court St, West Branch MI 48661989-345-8422

Tawas Region

LocationContact Number
Fresenius Kidney Care Tawas Bay, 1698 E S U.S.23, East Tawas, MI 48730989-362-5267